Learn Some of the techniques & magic tools

A pendulum with high quality

A top class pendulum is required to create the black magic because; the stones used in the same are main sources of storing negative energies. You will have to have faith that negative and positive energies arte there and they determine some happenings whether you want or not. You would have seen that the best ever pendulums are made from the good quality of glass because the glass never attracts the negative energy. Glass and metal are fully neutral things and do not have any effect of black magic.

Use of some specially designed charts

Normally all such charts are not manmade. Spiritual powers design this chart. These charts were designed decades ago. These charts are available on different subjects. You can get these charts on ritual matters, voodoo and on curses too. But it is recommended that this should not be practiced on self because once negative energies entered in the body, they will create some disturbances.

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