All brain games at one point in cognifit

Video games are believed to be a lazy form of idling away our time. However, there is much more to video games than just a waste of time. It helps us learn things way faster than a course of books. There are few abilities and skill sets that can not be developed by reading books. To enhance our critical thinking and decision-making skills practical applications are required. To apply our skills practically is a bit off-point in pen-paper mode. brain games are a set of mini-series of video games for both smartphones and computers. They include numerous games that help us stretch our cognitive abilities.

 Types of brain games

There are numerous brain games that various websites offer. Most of them include games such as

  • Puzzles: They are the most common type of problem-solving game. The jigsaw puzzle is the oldest and most common type of it. It is a set of broken pieces of a picture or a shape that needs to be put back together by the player.
  • Crosswords: It is the infamous crossword that every kid and adult used to await in the daily newspaper. The crossword consisted of a block with squares that needed to be filled with a word of a certain number of letters. Each word will be given a hint to guess.

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  • Sudoku: It is a classic number game that every generation loves solving. The game consists of a large square divided into 9 compartments each compartment with 9 squares. Each box needs to be filled with a number between 1 to 9. No number should be repeated in its vertical or horizontal column.

There are numerous other games such as memory card games that work on enhancing our cognitive abilities. They help us achieve cognitive flexibility.

 Cognifit is a well-known website for testing our cognitive abilities and brain capacity. They include a set of tests and queries that help us evaluate our abilities and brain capacity. Our cognitive flexibility helps us achieve an easy life. They help us make critical decisions with logic and let us evaluate circumstances readily. It improves our judgment of situations and people. Brain games help us improve our problem-solving skills which help us overcome situations of failure and success with ease. Photographic memory is also a part of our cognitive abilities that need a little bit of molding and edging.