A Complete Piano Humidifier Solution For All Piano Owner

Consistent humidity level over 40% is important to protect the piano and maintain the tunings to last longer. Unfortunately, the climate changes and the humidity level may go below 10% in winters, while over 80% in the summer months. Both these humidity levels are harmful for your piano. These kinds of changes in humidity reading can extremely affect the tuning of the piano. It may also cause other destruction to your piano including loosening the tuning pins and cabinet components, action part noises, string rust, soundboard cracks, looseness, war-page, and sluggishness. Even with furnace or room humidifier and air conditioning system, the readings of humidity can’t be improved. This is where you would require the ultimate Piano Humidifier Solution to keep the piano in best condition in any weather condition.

The Piano Humidifier Solution for Your Piano

The humidifier system for your piano is the silent system which is installed out of the sight inside the piano to maintain a good humidity level crucial for proper functioning and sound of the piano. The humidifier solution comes with manufacturer’s guarantee and can be activated only by having the system installed by the expert piano technician. The humidifier system maintains a good humidity reading inside the piano that influences the tuning stability of the piano. A piano humidifier system is the essential investment for all piano owners. These humidifier solutions for pianos are designed to function well with all the in-home and institutional and bar pianos.

The Components Included in Best Piano Humidifier Solution

  • Dehumidifier – This is the component which works when the humidity level increases. It releases moistures from your piano by distributing warm air currents
  • Piano Humidistat – This is the heart and brain of the system which is responsible for sensing whether the wooden parts of the piano are too moist or too dry and accordingly it switches the system automatically to function and dehumidify and humidify the piano to protect it from further damaged caused due to low or high humidity. This is the main role of Piano Humidistat.
  • Humidifier – This component works to moisturize the wooden components of the piano when the humidity decreases. You need to refill the humidifier with water when the water warning light indicates you to refill. The process is easy and simple.
  • Watering Tube – This is the component of the system which supply required amount of water to the humidifier when the yellow light turns on.