The Most Amazing Indoor CQB Price

If you are new to airsoft adventures, you may come across mysterious names and acronyms that you may not understand. If you want to know more about indoor CQB price, read ahead.

The abbreviation CQB comes from the English close combat. It means fighting in a confined space. These are special techniques used by trained police and military personnel. The ASG community borrows melee concepts, styles, and rules from stealth. Now gaming facilities are available, and you can check out the indoor wargame price.

Some players specialize in this type of airsoft. Others only come in once in a while, and some airsoft fanatics don’t like the style of play – it’s worth trying out the size before qualifying for one of these groups. Keep in mind that indoor operations have rules that you need to know to participate in the CQB competition.


They operate a 20,000-square-foot wargame/shooting sports/studio/team building in Litchicock, 30 seconds from the MTR B1 gate.

From beginners to veterans, we offer a place to play competitive sports in a safe and realistic environment.

  • Get out of your comfort zone, grab your favorite gear and have fun with your friends, colleagues, and us!
  • What we offer
  • Three surreal brick and steel playgrounds can be combined into one area: four products, 40+ live HD webcams, and Hong Kong $ 10 million + Liability Insurance.
  • To know more
  • We offer four different products:
  • Neuropathy
  • Airsoft (IPSC, Wargaming)
  • Shock wave gel
  • Archery label

indoor wargame price

The most authentic tactical CQB experience on the market.

Slowly communicate with your teammates, checking every nook and cranny, and after you’ve finished your work, you’ll lose focus for a while, and the bullet will fall on your head if you are a gaming fanatic and want to stay up to date with the latest news. Warzone is being developed today by the most original studios in the industry and is backed by years of experience. We hope the article above will help you with your pricing decision.

The AI is programmed that way

CQB tactics will follow; if you don’t, they will kill you. They will drag you to places you least expect them. There are instances where two guys get shot in a room, pretty sure it’s bright, and they get out, only to get shot in the back by an AI in the corner. There is no room for error in Warzone, which makes it so great.


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